Product Development

The Problem

95% of new consumer products fail according to Harvard Business School. Do you know your potential pitfalls and how to navigate around them? The right video can help.

The Solution

You need a partner to help you with a successful product launch. Here are some ways Agility can work with you.

Buzz Campaigns

Why wait until the product launches to tell people about it? Create a series of teaser videos to help lead up to the launch and build demand for your product.

Pitch Video

Are you a start-up working to get funding? Want an edge in how you pitch? A great video that tells your story and showcases your ideas can help you get noticed and get funded.

Product Demos

Ok, we have all seen a super boring how-to video, but why not do something different? Get in the customer's head and do a video from their perspective. Show someone using your product for the first time to show how easy it is or spice it up by showing it from a unique perspective or as part of a riveting story.

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