HR/Talent Development

The Problem

Gallup data show that 51% of employees say they're actively looking for a new job or are open to one, and 47% say now is a good time to find a quality job. It's clear you are facing a war on talent, and it is more challenging than ever to hire and keep great talent.

The Solution

Here are some ways we have partnered with companies to help HR/Talent Development get the message out to help them hire, develop and retain great talent.

Onboarding Videos

How is your on-boarding experience? Use video to engage new employees on what you are all about and introduce them to people they need to know through their employee journey. The cost of losing an employee in the first year can be up to 3x their salary. It's worth it to invest in a great experience.

Employment Brand Videos

What about your employment brand? Use video to showcase why someone would want to work for you.

Ask the HR expert

Have questions you get asked over and over? Why not create a video series that gives employees the basics they need to be successful and make it fun so they want to come back to this resource.

Building Culture & Reinforcing Values

How do you reinforce your values or build the culture you want? One way is to catch people doing the right thing and lift them up. Stories are powerful and video allows you to get stories out quickly and effectively to reinforce what you want reinforced.

Informed Employee Videos

How do you keep your employees informed? Employee newsletter? Yawn! Why not engage and inform them with a quick and fun video newscast?

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